Integrated Technology Solutions Partner

Empowering organizational cohesion through the holistic integration of software, systems and people


What we do?

KODE Labs approach to a truly comprehensive eco-system is comprised of three elements; software, physical systems and people. The success of an organization is dependent on leveraging technology and data to streamline processes. The integration of all elements better equips stakeholders to drive efficiencies and make impactful business decisions


As an Integrated Technology Solutions Partner we evaluate existing organizational platforms and real estate technology deployments. We identify inadequacies, oversights and opportunities while strategically aligning stakeholder use cases.

Advocacy & Design

Based on the discovery, custom and best in class solutions are recommended. Corporate standards and integration roadmaps are developed. We provide governance of deployments from conception to completion.


As a universal service provider, our offerings extend beyond consulting. They include custom application development, software integration and physical systems integration. This provides Owners with a partner capable of actualizing all deliverables.

Support & Management

With an in-house integrated technology solutions team of technical specialists, KODE Labs provides on-going management of implemented systems, databases and delivers immediate responses to requests and support for portfolio advancements.


Why choose us?

Traditionally, to capture all aspects of an intelligent real estate initiative an Owner would engage a real estate technology consultant, a master systems integrator and a software developer. This contingent can deliver on physical systems integration however due to the narrowed view, organizational software integration is not achieved. Ultimately this omission enables siloed processes and impairment for stakeholders. Additionally, when multiple parties are engaged coordination and accountability become a pain point.

KODE Labs is the first platform to offer an all-encompassing solution with zero dependence on third-party alliances.

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Who we are?

The KODE Labs team is comprised of highly motivated individuals with many years experience in the technology sector, specifically software development and real estate technologies.

Our experience delivering turn-key solutions has positioned us within the industry as a forward-thinking innovational leader. A client-first approach has cemented our reputation and afforded KODE Labs many referral opportunities.

Chief Executive Officer

Etrit Demaj

Etrit has a background that consists of banking, investment, wealth management and entrepreneurship. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in the starting and growth of numerous startups in different industries that have afforded him a variety of experiences. Building sustainable and impactful technology products that provide a world class experience is the core of Etrit’s vision. Having operated and built numerous businesses, Etrit brings a wealth of knowledge that helps build a second to none experience for our clients.

Chief Product Officer

Tavis Kerr

With 20 years’ experience in the HVAC and real estate technologies industry, Tavis has a vast understanding of building systems, mechanical functions, facility networks and intelligent building ideology. Tavis exemplifies a rare combination of information technology comprehension and facility management system integration experience. A client focused solution provider, Tavis has a unique ability to manage, predict and react to client needs. As CPO Tavis tirelessly researches current and upcoming technological advancements to ensure our clients are ideally positioned today and well into the future.

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Masse

With 15 years’ experience in the building automation and intelligent building industry, Bill has an extensive background in business acumen. Highlights include development, account management, project management, customer relations, sales, estimating, procurement and organizational proficiency. Having owned and operated a successful construction company, Bill has a distinct understanding and appreciation of the challenges organizations face every day. Clients are accustomed to the level of integrity and dependability Bill presents throughout every engagement.